We offer spectacular flavorful food, Underground Dinners, Personal Chef Services, Catering, 
Psychic & Holistic services.  

There's no telling what we may do next!  But mind you, there's always big fun, all the time, in
Chef Joy's Dining Room. 

 You're are welcome to BYOB to our events! 

Please support our efforts to feed the hungry, house the homeless, help those in immediate need financially, and provide many other on the spot essential services.  
We also offer job training, entrepreneurial options, and support many creative pursuits, and our community events . 

We are affiliated with the non-profit Unlimited Joy, Inc.  
and The Ordinary People Society, a 501(c)3 and (c)4 company.  Your donations are highly appreciated. 

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Dr. Joy's Web Reference Guide
Dr. Joy's Web Reference Guide
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Click here for Catering
Click here for Catering