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Nawlins Flava Cafe
*In New Orleans, The Holy Trinity
 is garlic, onions, bell pepper & celery
Good Food ain't fast, and fast food ain't good!
We do good food!
So please order 45 min-one hour in advance to experience and receive the best we have to offer.

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Soul - Country - Cajun - Creole Cuisine
Our Offerings
                              Note: 1. All Vegetables are cooked meat-free unless 
                             otherwise noted.
                            2. All seafood has been derived from the Gulf of Mexico 

Appetizers / Tapas / Starters

Oysters en Brochette w/mushrooms - 6 ea. bacon wrapped, skewered & roasted ...$14.99 
Salmon Croquettes w/tartar sauce ...$12.99 
Crab Cake w/shrimp remoulade sauce ...$16.99
Cajun Jumbo BBQ Shrimp w/French Bread  ...$18.99 
Cajun Popcorn - fried crawfish tails with cocktail sauce...$10.99
Fried Calamari with marinara sauce...$12.99
Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla w/salsa, sour cream & jalapeno ...$10.99 
Spicy Mango Chicken Wings (4) w/crudite & toast points ...$12.99
Beef Sliders-Mini Burgers (3) ...$8.99 
Nachitoches Meat Pie ...$4.99 
Fried Okra w/sweet chili sauce ...$4.99 
French Fries ...$2.99  w/cheese or chili ...$3.99  w/both chili and cheese ...$4.99 
Pan-fried Jalapeno Cornbread patty w/butter & pepper jelly ...$4.99 
Sweet Potato Fries w/cinnamon-sugar ...$2.99
French Bread Pepperoni Pizza – 6 inch w/marinara, cheese & pepperoni ...$6.99

Soups & Stews

Crawfish & Corn Bisque ...$9.95
Turkey, Okra, Ham & Sausage File Gumbo ...$9.95
Seafood & Okra File Gumbo ...$14.00
​Yakamein with beef, chicken & pork ...$10.00 with seafood $14.00


House Salad  - Lettuce, tomato cucumber, red onion with house dressing...$4.95
Spinach Salad - with bacon, feta, boiled egg & mushrooms and house dressing...$9.95
Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomato ...$9.95 top it with bacon ...$11.95
Avocado Caprese Salad – sliced heirloom tomato and mozzerella with avocado & croutons, dressing...$11.95

Soul, Country & Comfort Specialties

Smoked Sausage with Red Beans & Rice ...$15.50
Fried Chicken with Red Beans & rice ...$15.50
Pig Feet with butter beans, rice, greens, & cornbread ...$10.00
Smoked Ham Hock, Hoppin' John-(Black-eyed Peas with rice)-greens, & cornbread ...$12.00
Fried Catfish Nuggets & Fries or grits...$12.95
Smothered Pork Chops - rice or grits & vegetables ...$10.00
Jambalaya w/smoked sausage & chicken ...$10.95 add Seafood...$14.95
Spaghetti & Meatballs with salad & garlic bread ...$12.00
Roast Turkey in gravy, dressing, rice & vegetables, cranberry sauce ...$15.50
Meatloaf with gravy, smashed garlic potatoes & vegetables ...$12.50
Sauteed Chit’lins, rice, greens, sweet potatoes, cornbread ...$14.50
Braised Oxtails in brown gravy with rice, greens, & cornbread ...$16.95
Seafood Boil - crawfish (when in season), shrimp, smoked sausage, corn-on-the-cob, & potato ...$16.95
Turkey Neck Boil –turkey necks, smoked sausage, corn-on-the-cob, potato, onion, garlic, celery ...$12.95
Fried Lamb Ribs with dirty rice, vegetables, & bread ...$14.00
Braised Chicken Livers & Onions w/mushroom-bacon-cranberry gravy, over rice with fried okra ...$12.00

Spectacular Entrees - Entrees come w/bread & house salad or Laffite’s black, white & red bean salad


Ribeye Steak (12 oz) with sauteed mushrooms, stuffed baked potato & veg. ...$26.95add shrimp ...$7
New York Strip (12 oz) with merchand de vin sauce, sweet potato fries, & roasted veg ...$27.95
Sirloin Steak (8 oz) flamed in cognac w/onion & mushroom cream gravy w/potato, veg ...$19.95
Beef Tenderloin with bearnaise sauce - baked potato, & veg , toast points ...$29.99
Beef Wellington - 8 oz. filet, mushroom, duck liver mousse in puffed pastry w/asparagus & potato ...$31.95 


Jambalaya Pasta -shrimp, chicken, turkey, sausage, ham, mushroom, fettucine w/spicy creole sauce ...$18.95
Seafood Pasta - shrimp, crab, mussels crawfish tails, fish & oysters w/angel hair, garlic basil oil ...$16.95
Our Own Mardi Gras Pasta - shrimp, hot sausage, & chicken, spicy cream sauce colored pasta...$16.95


Barbecue - Fried Pork Ribs, Baked Beef Ribs & Chicken w/baked beans, greens, potato salad, & cornbread ...$18.95 
Double-cut Stuffed Pork Chop - wrapped in bacon w/a ham hock gravy served w/dirty rice & veg ...$16.95
Pig Fest – a nose to tail Cochon platter with all the fixins and trimmins, seasoned rice, veg. - $31.95
​Cajun Ponce (Stuffed Chaudin) with brown gravy, seasoned rice & veg....$14.00
Pig Feet Boil – pig feet, smoked sausage, corn-on-the-cob, potato, onion, garlic, celery ,,.$12.95


Fried Cornish Hen with shrimp & crabmeat stuffing, served with rice & veg ...$26.00 
Roasted Quail with mushroom duxelle, served with rice & vegetables ...$19.00
Coq au Vin - Chicken simmered in a red wine sauce with bacon, mushrooms, onion & rice ...$19.00
Cajun Fried Chicken & Waffles w/cheese, maple syrup, olives, cucumber  ...$16.95
Nigerian Jollof Rice w/Fried Turkey Wing – rice, chicken, green beans, black eyed peas, tomato ...$16.95


Crawfish Etouffee - Crawfish tails sauteed in a rich tomato based cream sauce over rice ...$15.95
Fried Seafood Platter - Catfish nuggets, shrimp, oysters, calamari, & crawfish tails w/fries $19.95
Pecan Crusted Salmon (Almonds can be substituted) with seasoned rice, grilled veg ...$19.95
Grilled Whole Tilapia with seasoned rice and roasted veg. ...$15.95
Bouillabaise - assorted shellfish/seafood with red sauce with veg ...$16.95
Shrimp 'n Grits - Stuffed Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon over green chile cheese Grits w/red gravy ...$16.95
Platter of Fried Fish Collar with grits & Fries ...$16.95
​Fish on the Half Shell w/smashed garlic potatoes & roasted veg ...$16.95

Vegan & Vegetarian

Mushroom-Basil Stroganoff ...$14.95
Four Cheese Ravioli - in a rich marinara sauce, enriched with parmesan & mozzarella...$10.00
Cajun Ratatouille over pasta ...$14.95
Veggie and Tofu Stuffed Portabello ...$14.95 
Pecan Crusted Tofu with Ratatouille and rice …$14.95
Potato Gnocchi w/mushroom & onion gravy ...$14.95

​​Side Dishes $7 each – Meat-free

Collard Greens, Macaroni & Cheese, Green Beans, Broccoli, Smashed Garlic Potatoes, Cabbage, 
Butter Beans, Corn Maque Choux, Sauteed Mushrooms, Red Beans & Rice, Candied Sweet Potatoes, 
Hoppin' John (Black eyed Peas and rice), Potato Salad, Squash & Onions

Accompaniments/Extra Sauces $5 each

Smothered Onion & Mushrooms, 
Crawfish Etouffee sauce,  
Shrimp Creole Sauce, 
BBQ Sauce

Burgers  (each come dressed w/ketchup, lettuce & tomato & pickle, comes w/chips)

Flava Burger - 8 oz. burger ...$10.00
Phatburger - 8 oz. burger w/cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, $12.00 
Peanut Butter/Bacon Phatburger ...$12.50 
Double Phatburger w/cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms ...$17.50
Mega Burger- cheeses, bacon, pepperoni, ham, sauteed onions, mushrooms, jalapeno, onion rings... $22.00
Lamb Burger - w/tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, tomato and basil ...$12.50
Turkey Burger w/cheese, stuffing, cranberry sauce ...$10.50 
Muffaletta Burger - w/ham, capacola, genoa salami, provolone & olive salad ...15.00
Veggie Burger - our own fresh veggies-chopped, formed and grilled ...$12.50

Gourmet Hot Dogs

New Yorker Hot Dog w/mustard, onion sauce, & sauerkraut ...$3.75 
Cajun Hot Dog - Andouille on french with red beans ...$6.00
Jumbo Chili Cheese Dog - hot dog with mustard, chili, cheese and raw onion ...$5.00
Foie Gras Dog - Andouille sausage,foie mousse, truffle mustard on french ...$10.00

Gourmet Mini-Burgers & Mini-Sandwiches

Gourmet Mini-Beef Burgers w/sauteed onions $
Mini Corned Beef w/mustard and sauerkraut ...$4.00
Mini Italian Sausage, Onion and Peppers ... $4.00
Mini Smoked Sausage ...$4.00
Pulled Pork w/slaw ...$4.00

Hot Sandwiches & Po' Boys
6-inch po boys are dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato & pickles/Each comes w/potato salad

Corned Beef ...$7.50 
Pulled Pork topped with horseradish coleslaw
Fried Shrimp Po Boy ...$7.50
Fried Oyster Po Boy ...$7.50 
Meatball w/marinara & mozzerella ...$7.00
Spicy Hot Sausage Po Boy ...$7.00
Grilled onions, sausage, eggs and cheese Po Boy ...$7.00
Grilled Vegetable Po Boy ...$7.00
Grilled Chicken Po Boy ...$7.50 
Roast Beef with Gravy ...$7.50
Cajun Debris ...$6.00
Steak n cheese w/ peppers, onions and mushrooms ...$8.00


Banana Pudding  $5.00        Bread Pudding w/whiskey sauce $6.00
Plain Cheesecake $4.00    Coconut Layer Cake $4.00        Red Velvet Cake $4
Sweet Potato Pie $4.00        Pecan Pie $4.00       Apple Pie $4.00      Peach Cobbler $5.00

Can Beverages

Sweet Tea ...$2.00     Unsweetened Tea ...$2.00     Bottled Water ...$2.00
Can Sodas: .$2.50  Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Red Creme

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